Chocolate Treats – Food of the Gods #1

Hello there, long time no see! Today I have something in the way of a recipe again. This time, we’re going to make a chocolate treat that’s quite famous in Germany, but I haven’t really seen them anywhere else. They’re called Choco Crossies and they’re seriously addictive. However, it’s brilliantly simple to make those chocolate treats yourself, so let’s get into it!


Food stuff:

  • a bar of milk chocolate
  • about two or three handfuls of corn flakes
  • if you’re a fancy schmuck like me: some chopped hazelnuts or almonds. I’ve had roasted and chopped hazelnuts lying around
Literally all the edible stuff you need to make this


  • a sheet of baking paper
  • a big pot
  • a smaller pot that fits into the big pot
  • a stove, hot plate, camp fire, anything that can make a pot hot
  • some tap water
Overview of the necessary foodstuff and tools needed to make chocolate treats.
The sheet of baking paper is missing, but instead you can see a kettle that I used to get the water hot quicker!

Chocolate treats me well, I’ll reciprocate

What you do is, you make a nice hot water bath for the chocolate to chill out in. Start by putting the big pot on the heat source, put a bit of hot water in it (use a kettle to heat it up quickly) and then insert the smaller pot into the big one. Make sure that the hot water touches the smaller pot, but doesn’t make it float, you don’t want it moving around to much later on.

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but pans and pots excite me!
Just like this!

I can see where this is going

Now break the chocolate bar into pieces and put them into the pot. Stir to melt it faster. Don’t turn the heat up too much, you don’t want the water to start boiling. It could start boiling over and either splash and hurt you, or even worse, get into the chocolate and ruin it!! No, seriously. Getting water in melted chocolate messes it up, changes consistency and you can basically start again. I’ve been there, don’t be like me.

All kitchen things start with base ingredients, for chocolate treats, well, you need chocolate.
Choccy ’bout to melt!

When the chocolate has melted, add the chopped nuts (if you have them) and a couple handfuls of corn flakes. You can’t really mess up, if you’ve got too few corn flakes, you’ll get chocolate treats, if you’ve got too many, you get chocolate treats. Meaning, if you put less corn flakes, you’ll obviously have more chocolate to coat them, otherwise you’ll get something that’s still amazing, but less chocolatey.

It’s all coming together

And now to actually make the chocolate treats! It’s simple. Stir with a spoon. Keep stirring. Yep. Doing great. Stir more. No, not yet. A bit more. Keep going. Stir it. More. MORE! You’ll be surprised how far you can stretch just one bar of chocolate. After about 5 minutes of stirring, everything should be evenly coated with sweet, sweet choccy. If you’ve put in too many corn flakes, you’ll have some nude spots here and there, but that’s okay in the long run.

Stirring the mass of corn flakes and chocolate takes some time, but produces the ultimate sweet chocolate treats in the end!
Nearly got the final chocolate treats!

And now to turn this sticky mess into actual mouth wateringly delicious chocolate treats! Use two table spoons to take little portions and make tiny heaps on the sheet of baking paper. About bite sized, so that you can pop them into your greedy cake hole one by one, can’t stop doing it because they’re so incredibly crunchy and sweet, and before you know you’ve finished them all and are crying in the shower because you’re disgusting and can’t control yourself. You’ve been warned. Try them at your own risk.

All the chocolate treats in the world! Or, well, in the kitchen.
That’s about as much as you can expect to get out of one bar of chocolate

The aftermath

Put the choco crossies into a place where no sneaky housemates can snatch them, and leave them to cool off and harden for a couple of hours. This process can be sped up in the fridge or by putting them outside if you’ve got the opportunity and it’s cold, but this may cause the chocolate to get a white-greyish patina when it cools off too quickly.

Now there’s only one thing left to do besides waiting. Do the dishes. It may help to fight off feelings of worthlessness, when you finally end up munching up all of those chocolate treats. At least you did something productive with your life by doing the dishes.

Making chocolate treats is messy, make sure to clean up afterwards!
Making stuff filthy, then clean again. It’s the circle of life.

That’s all folks. Enjoy the amazing stuff that’s Choco Crossies, but try to not eat them all in one go. Seriously. Take care of yourself. Love you. Bye bye.

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