The “Version 2.0” – a fruity cocktail

Sometimes I make cocktails. This is a new recipe I discovered.

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  • 40 ml’s each of mango, orange, and passion fruit juice. The cheap stuff you can buy at a supermarket, not self pressed or whatever fancy stuff you might imagine you need to pull off one of those nice cocktails.
  • 20 ml of vodka. Again. Cheap works fine.
  • 20 ml of Marasquin liquor. Some call it Maraschino. It’s made from cherries, or the stones of the cherries? Something like that. It’s kind of bittersweet. Apparently only in some parts of Europe you can buy spirits at Amazon, so yea. If you’re not one of the people living in the blessed lands, I pity you. You’ll have to look for Bols or de Kuyper Marasqin/Maraschino liquor at a regular supermarket or liquor store. There are some other brands as well apparently. Sadly, this is one of the more expensive things in the mix.
  • 20 ml of something else. Still experimenting here. Peach liquor works, but makes it pretty sweet. Dark rum also works well and adds a bit of tang. I also tried 15 ml of Campari, but man does it turn bitter then. So not a huge fan of that. I added peach liquor still, to make it a bit sweeter. Now it’s kind of bearable. Next try will be with white rum and some drops of orange bitters. Will report later in this post.

So now that you know the ingredients, do with them whatever you like. If you’d like to pretend that it actually makes a difference to either yourself or your already half drunk guests, you could go all the way and shake it on ice, than strain it into a fancy cocktail glass filled with crushed ice. Also garnish it with an orange peel and a sprig of mint or what have you. Or just put all the liquids in a glass (can still be a fancy one, though) add some cheap ice “cubes” out of one of those environmentally friendly ice cube maker bags, stir a bit, and then have at it. Or have your guests have at it.
If we’re ever allowed to have a proper party again.

Here’s a pic of the beauty. It’s the one with Campari in it, so it looks a bit darker than the other versions.

Looking good, even in a messy setting.

So yea. For those who stuck around, there’s a bit of a story to this I reckon. It’s the version 2.0 because it’s a derivative of “Leonie’s Special” that was created ages ago. Once upon a time, a few days after one of the (in)famous cocktail parties I used to throw a lifetime ago, I still had some juices left over and a thirsty girlfriend over. She was kind of into sweet fruity stuff back then and asked if I could make any cocktails with the leftovers. Of course I could.


  • 40 ml each of Orange, mango, and pineapple juice.
  • 20 ml each of Vodka, peach liquor, and Grand Manier/Triple Sec/whatever orange liquor you have. It’s about killing off leftovers, isn’t it?
  • possibly a splash of grenadine syrup if you actually are trying to kill off your teeth as well.

(Look at that, two recipes in one blog, and you only had to read through a tiny amount of background story!)

So that “Special” was an instant hit. It even made it onto my first proper cocktail menu that I printed for the occasional party at home. Check this out!

A part of the menu I’ve made for my bar at home.

So yea. That’s basically it. Drinking the Campari version of the Version 2.0 took longer than expected, I’m basically done writing this. I’ll get more into the bar stuff that I’m doing in later posts. I’ve basically built a tiny bar in my kitchen, which is freaking awesome, even if I say so myself. Lots of good things to show off here and give you some ideas if you want to get into making cocktails yourself!

Talk to you later!

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