Owner of this blog (or: who am I?)

My name is Thomas Moll and I live in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. You can reach me by e-mail: info@randomthings.net. For more contact details, please send an e-mail.

Social Media

This disclaimer is also valid for social media profiles related to this web blog and maintained by me, if and when they will be created.

General information about this blog

This blog is written by myself. Possibly hand-picked guest authors at a later stage, at which point I will update this piece.

My main goal with this blog is to entertain a broad audience by giving glimpses into my own private life. The weals and woes, so to speak, tutorial style blogs about all things that I enjoy doing and think are worth sharing with the world in general.

Liability for content

The posts I place on this website either stem from personal experience, have been researched to my best skills and knowledge, or purely represent my own personal opinion. As such, you would lack any common sense in assuming, that everything I write is one hundred percent correct and should be seen as fact. I put a lot of effort into my texts, but cannot and will not take responsibility for damages or other adverse events happening after reading and maybe following my posts here. Readers are advised to use their own judgement when trying out that recipe, making that thing I showed how to make, or watching that movie I recommended. If any of my content should go against the law (I’d have to try really hard, I believe), please inform me of this and I will take immediate action to rectify the situation.

Liability for third party content

I may post links to websites that I think are funny, useful, or utter garbage. If I do that, I will have checked the page I link to for problematic content. I am, however, not responsible for what the owner(s) of those websites do after that point and therefore can’t be held liable for any changes on their website that may go against decency or are straight up are illegal. If you should find any of the pages I link to contain offending content, please inform me and I will remove those links. It would be unreasonable to expect me to continuously check all third party websites myself.

Affiliate links

This website uses those sweet money making affiliate links. More specifically, I am an Amazon Associate. I will, for transparency, mark affiliate links one way or another, so that you as the reader will have full disclosure and can decide if you want to use those links and in so doing, possibly generate a little commission for me, should you make a qualifying purchase through one of those links.


Unless otherwise stated, all content on this blog has been created by myself, is royalty free, or is used under fair use policies.

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