the $tesla 20.01.2023 1700 Call option – Get rich quick?

tesla call status 4-3-2020

I felt smart. MeetKevin just a week or two ago announced that he ploughed about 23k into Tesla call options expiring 20.01.2023 with a strike of 1700 dollars. He paid a premium of 116 dollars. Today, I saw that those options had plummeted to 88. Tesla was down, but looked to be recovering, so I got greedy and entered an order for one option at 85.80, kind of the mid bid/ask point at that time. I got filled. It went great for a few minutes. At highs, I could have sold for 400 profit. But daddy ain’t got no paper hands, so I held.

This was how it looked at some point:

Kind of a shame to get into a trade and have it lose 13% on you on the first two hours…

So it got worse. Tesla went down the crapper even further. At the moment of writing, it’s just barely clinging on to the 600+ range.

We’ll see. This is a investment with a two year horizon. If Tesla get’s anywhere near the 2500 dollar by than that I personally expect them to reach, it’ll be pay day in january 2023. Or probably even before that.

For now, I really need to make some food though. It’s been exhausting, looking at this massacre all afternoon.

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